The Intercivil Society is a private limited company, based in London, a place of unparalleled diversity. The founding members of the Society come from three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe – and from different ethnic, religious, cultural and professional backgrounds. The Society is working at local, national, European and international levels, with partners from the public, private and civic sectors and with international agencies.


The Team


Aimé Sindayigaya has work experience in the global financial services industry, and worked at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. Aimé was coordinator of the Micro Cosmos Intercultural project with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Founding member of the Society.


Emrys Schoemaker is Director of the iMedia Company, active in Africa and Asia, on social and economic aspects of the development of mobile telephone networks. He is also working on his PhD at the London School of Economics. Founding member of the Society.


Géza Tessényi is founding President of the Society. Géza has been secretary of the inter-governmental refugee law committee of the Council of Europe, and founding President of the Intercultural Leadership School. His projects received political support from three Presidents of the European Parliament.


Maja Warnstam Brogi is expert on corporate and social intercultural communication practice and worked at a London-based intercultural and interfaith organisation. Maja was a youth representative at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Founding member of the Society.


Mansoor Abbasi has been, between 2011 and 2015, Executive Director and co-founder of the Society. Mansoor has designed and led the first intercultural communication projects of the Society. He has extensive work experience in information and communication technology and project management.


Michael Ipgrave is currently Church of England Bishop of Lichfield. Earlier, Michael was Archdeacon of Southwark and Inter Faith Relations Advisor to the Archbishops' Council. In 2011, he was awarded an OBE for services to inter faith relations. Founding member of the Society.


Yasunobu Sato is Professor of Law at the University of Tokyo (Graduate Program on Human Security) and Director of the Center for Sustainable Peace of the UoT. Yasu has a strong interest in refugee law and conflict resolution, especially in the Middle East context. Founding member of the Society.