In Portugal again…

Lisbon, 11 September 2014


This visit to the Algarve and Lisbon by our president, accompanied by the Head of ProWork Portugal, was organised as a follow up to the May visit and to the consultations made through correspondence and telephone or Skype talks, as well as the discussions in July at the European Parliament.


Between 8 and 11 September, we met mayors, the senior management of the regional tourism board, other institutions, visited in the Algarve potential locations both for the long term project and for the winter test project, and had meetings in Lisbon where we explored the potential urban and national dimensions of ProWork Portugal.

Consultations in the newly elected European Parliament

Strasbourg, 17 July 2014


The July session of the newly elected European Parliament in Strasbourg was packed with internal matters of the EP, to establish its structures and select its officials for the forthcoming legislative period of five years.


During this session, the President of the Intercivil Society held some consultations with members (MEPs), senior members and staff of the Secretariat General of the EP, to receive advice on how to advance the ProWork Programme, under the patronage of the EP, as granted by its President in February this year. The consultations focused on the European dimension of ProWork in general, and on the Portuguese, Italian and Swedish prospects, in particular.

What people say about ProWork

London, 1 June 2014


Here are some of the comments we have received on the ProWork Programme in recent months:

• “If this project comes true I could stay in my country and not leave it” (a young Greek architect)

• “… a ‘new hope’ for me, and it is amazing when you really identify yourself with a project. That’s why I was (and am) so enthusiastic about this” (young Portuguese civil engineer)

• “… this could not have come at a better time” (President of the European Parliament)

• “What is this idea again. Something strange, something I do not like.” (translated, a young Greek, supporter on Facebook of ‘Golden Dawn’)

• “… I think what you do is great! How could I get involved…?” (Greek student)

• “… would like to congratulate you on the initiative… as we are very interested to see how your initiative will proceed…” (European civil servant)

• “… many, many congratulations on your wonderful initiative which will link ages and needs.” (Greek landowner)

• “significant initiative” (European banker)

• “This solution is so elegant” (former British senior health care official)

• “As a young Greek who strongly refuses to leave, I invest a lot of my hopes and dreams in ProWork” (another young Greek architect)


ProWork Portugal is coming to life

Faro / London, 15 May 2014


During a ‘blitz’ visit by the President of the Intercivil Society and the lead manager of our project in Portugal to Lisbon and the Algarve region between 11 and 15 May, we have explored partnerships with local young people, national and European institutions, regional authorities including some mayors in the Algarve, visited a number of potential locations and explored some of the financing options.


The ProWork Portugal project has made a significant step toward practical realization and the lead manager of the national project was appointed as Head of ProWork Portugal.

The Elders, CliMates and us @ Sciences Po in Paris

Paris, 22 April 2014


In preparation for the Paris Climate Change conference (COP) in 2015, some of The Elders visited the French capital, meeting the Prime Minister. On the afternoon, they held a meeting with young people at Paris University’s School of Political Sciences, the ‘Sciences Po’. Given the track record and interest of the Intercivil Society on climate change and society, the Elders’ Chief Executive, Lesley-Anne Knight, invited us to attend this meeting:

Climate change: Who will lead? – The Elders in conversation with young people, with Jimmy Carter Former US President, Hina Jilani, Pakistani human rights defender, and Mary Robinson, former Irish President. Laurence Tubiana, Professor at Sciences Po and Columbia University, moderated the meeting.

Before and after the meeting, we have started conversations with the Elders and a representative of the youth organization for climate protection called CliMates, about developing independent, inter-generational leadership capacity to address social and political consequences of climate change, including the related refugee situations.

Social enterprises buzz and Jam in Oxford

Oxford, 11 April 2014


The Intercivil Society has become one of the first members of the GSEN (Global Social Enterprise Network), which held its first gathering on 7-8 April at the Old Fire Station in Oxford, prior to the Skoll Global Forum on Social Enterprises, at the Said Business School, which took place on 10-11 April. In parallel with the Skoll Forum, an alternative series of events for social enterprises were held under the ‘Oxford Jam’ umbrella.


Our President, Geza Tessenyi spent the week in Oxford and held meetings with participants of all three events and other Oxford visitors of the week for building formal and informal partnerships for the development of the ProWork Programme.

The Our Future Our Keighley Leadership Programme Awards Ceremony

This is something I have done that’s nothing like anything else I have done before. It’s been really great!” – participant.

Congratulations to the graduates of the first Our Future Our Keighley Leadership Programme – class of 2013.

An awards ceremony was held in Keighley Central Hall where Cllr Ralph Berry, Bradford Council member with portfolio for children and Jani Rashid, Head of Diversity and Cohesion, Bradford Council handed out awards and special prizes.

This night is for our young people to celebrate their achievements not only for completing the programme, but also for embodying the attitude and spirit that we wanted to show the world, that Keighley’s youth have a lot to offer, that they can make a difference and that their voices must be heard”. – Mansoor Abbasi, Executive Director, The Intercivil Society.

Our graduates are now taking up opportunities to connect with decision makers to ensure young peoples voices are being represented when the policies that affect them are being created.


I know that the programme being undertaken here is ground breaking stuff” – Cllr Ralph Berry